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Antoine Dubruque

Head of Investment Practice of Hessings & Harcourt

Private Equity investor, and graduated from HEC in Business Administration and Management, Antoine Dubruque is an Associate of Hessings & Harcourt. With previous experience as an electronic markets architect at BNP, he is in charge of the Management Company A.


In 2020, Hessings & Harcourt decided to expand its financial activities, entering the Venture Capital market.

With this expansion, not only Hessings & Hartcourt can provide legal advice and financial strategies, but now, it can also finance its clients’ projects.


The investment team supports its clients in the process of identifying investment opportunities.

Hessings & Harcourt, through its international investment club, Club 1908, invests in small tickets for a wide range of promising projects.

Our vast database of investors and business angels is available to our clients to find the investors who match their needs and values the most. 


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Years of expertise

Hessings & Harcourt has already advised hundreds of clients in their operations.