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François Radacal

Head of Law practice of Hessings & Harcourt

Doctor in economics, solicitor trained by London  University, Harvard and Arthur Andersen, François  Radacal has acquired significant experience in intellectual property law, business law and finance. 


Edward Hessing and Charles Harcourt started they careers as lawyers. Edward specialized himself in international taxation and Charles in tax optimization. That is why fiscal law has been the core activity of Hessings & Harcourt since the beginning.


The numerous and complex legislative changes provide opportunities for  companies to review their internal policies and practices, to find ways to optimize  them in a multitude of legal and tax areas. The globalization of trade and the digital economy are development avenues for  our clients and these are environments that we master perfectly.

We offer companies a positive and pragmatic vision in order to help them to find  added value within legislative constraints, to unlock their growth potential. We support them in their national and international operations, thanks to  multidisciplinary teams, by combining expertise in law and figures in order to  create innovative offers, as close as possible to their challenges.

We are specialized in:

  • Tax optimization
  • Trust
  • Intellectual property

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Years of expertise

Hessings & Harcourt has already accompanied hundreds of clients in their operations.